In 2015, we were approached by the production team behind Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer, the faces of ‘location, location, location’, to project manage two series of their popular show “Love it or List it”. It was a fantastic experience whereby we managed a number of televised renovation projects whereby Phil Spencer and Kirstie Alsopp help homeowners refurbish their home and choose to sell or stay at their home. Colin Bloor was appointed project manager to manage builds in Huddesfiled, Bradford, Harlow, Braunston and Northampton.

Our project in Braunston was a house renovation comprising a small downstairs kitchen refurbishment with a bathroom extension and took six weeks to compete. The plans were already in place and ready to go and we worked very closely with the clients Mr and Mrs Pratt to be able to achieve a dream kitchen, living room and bathroom. There were highs and lows to the project. The biggest challenge came from discovering unforeseen problems such as a five-metre deep well where the extension was supposed to be built and having to overcome the challenge. Colin and the team used their problem-solving skills to overcome the associated problems and the end result made the challenges worthwhile. The major high point of the project came when we revealed the finished work to Mr and Mrs Pratt as they were overjoyed and very emotional and chose to stay at the property.

The project in Northampton was a kitchen extension with a new roof. Colin and the team experienced a number of challenges for example, when the foundation was dug out a land drain was disturbed. This was a worrying issue as we had to get it all cleared out ready to be passed off by building control. The extension was more expensive than anticipated but we managed to keep within budget by changing the plans from a tile roof to a glass roof. Colin and the team had to work long hours until 8pm and sometimes midnight to ensure it was all done on time.
It was fantastic working with the design team, the end results were breath taking the clients Ian and Sarah opted to stay rather than move.

The other four projects weren’t carried out by Colin and his team but Colin project managed them all from start to finish. All home owners bar one opted to stay rather than move.